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I started this website because I love movies and TV. I grew up on broadcast TV shows and now watch my “TV” shows and movies on everything from a flat-screen TV and computer monitor to my iPhone, Kindle and iPad devices. But, it’s more than that – it’s about where it’s coming from, with places like cable, broadcast TV, Amazon, Netflex, Google and Apple TV devices

Social media and the internet have begun to change the way the industry operates. It has opened up the world to more “actors” and opportunities for storytellers. It has opened the world up to those part-time movie extras – that do it for the experience – and those undiscovered, and those hard working, actors that have invested much time and money into what they hope can be a career.

Anyone can become a relevant in this industry with just a camera, a laptop and a YouTube channel. It’s hard work though. It’s not a walk in the park. I want to provide information here about open casting calls, audition tips, upcoming feature films, and TV and webisode series, and I want to feature those people in various parts of this industry.


Rico Figliolini

Rico Figliolini is social media marketing consultant, a former long ago film major and an aspiring writer.

We accept guest writers and contributors who share the same passions and goals. If you are interested please contact Casting A Nation with you questions, ideas and inquiries using the form below.

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