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CL Casting is seeking experienced soldiers, police, and ROTC members to portray soldiers...

  • The Originals Casting Extras

    Casting for “The Originals” for this Fri 8/15, TUES 8/19 SUBMIT ASAP for photo selection

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For “The Originals” for this Fri 8/15 and next...

  • casting Untitled Armored Car

    UAC -Untitled Armored Car seeking dangerous, seedy, tough types for Friday 7/25 filming. Asheville, NC area

    Tona B. Dahlquist Casting, UAC -Untitled Armored Car seeking dangerous, seedy, tough types...

  • "dead" extras from shaun of the dead

    Want to be a TV or Film Extra? 3 Things to Know

    I was recently an extra on three different TV shows shot in Georgia....

  • Marty Siu Casting: The Longest Ride, N.C.

    THE LONGEST RIDE: Hooray for cancellations! Not! I need the following roles filled...

  • Marinella Miami Casting: Casting Paid Extras, Feature Film shooting in JULY

    Now Casting Paid extra performers for a Feature Film shooting the month of...

  • Amazon Pilot Hysteria

    Beth Sepko Casting & Third Coast Extras Taking Stand-In Submissions, Austin, Texas

    Beth Sepko Casting/Third Coast Extras is taking submissions for Stand Ins to work...