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Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For “THE 5th Wave” (feature film) -FEMALE SOCCER players...

  • Left Brain Digital Production

    Feature Film, Casting for early September, 17 year old, Nashville, TN

    FEATURE FILM beginning production in early September is casting for a 17-year old...

  • CastingCall_CLCasting_FOOTBALL

    “THE 5th Wave”- feature film, Casting High School Football Players, ages 16-18

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For “THE 5th Wave”- feature film (SONY PICTURES) **HIGH...

  • Vampire Diaries Casting Extras

    VAMPIRE DIARIES looking for extras to work Monday, August 25th in Decatur, GA

    Background Artists Casting Atlanta, VAMPIRE DIARIES looking for extras to work Monday, August...

  • Matinella Hume Casting

    SEEKING A FEW MEN, Atlanta, 8/26 for Dance scene, men in dresses

    Marinella Hume Casting, FILMING IN ATLANTA GEORGIA AREA around TUESDAY 8/26/14 SEEKING A...

  • Matinella Hume Casting

    Casting Kids (5-8, 12-15) for Feature Film, Atlanta

    Marinella Hume Casting, Still need some kids for a feature film. Atlanta, GA...

  • constantine casting extra

    Constantine – TV Series – Casting Patrons, Asian Decent – Atlanta


  • Hasbro, Univision Casting

    Univision Hasbro Commercial, Hispanic Boys, 12 to 17 Years Old

    Miami Talent Casting, Miami – Univision Hasbro Commercial, Hispanic boys between 12 years...

  • Banshee Cinemax TV series

    BANSHEE, Casting Photo Doubles filming, Monday 8/18 & 19, Monroe NC

    Tona B. Dahlquist Casting, BANSHEE -Needing a few more choices for the following...

  • The Originals Casting Extras

    Casting for “The Originals” for this Fri 8/15, TUES 8/19 SUBMIT ASAP for photo selection

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For “The Originals” for this Fri 8/15 and next...