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Join Tara, Tim, Scott, Alex, Jay, and Godswill in Atlanta this last weekend of September for Funimation fun...

  • Atlanta FIlm Festival 2015 Coolest in World

    MovieMaker Magazine Names ATLFF as One of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World

    For two years the Atlanta Film Festival has made MovieMaker Magazine’s list of...

  • Underwater Dreams

    New Film Series to Showcase Documentary Films, features Underwater Dreams

    The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Launches Film Series to Showcase Documentary Films...

  • The Game TV Casting Extras

    Casting Extras for TV Series “The Game” Season 8, Atlanta

    Hylton Casting, Apply now to be an extra on the TV Series “The...

  • Tammy Smith Casting

    Feature Film, “Vacation,” Casting 2 Caucasion Stand-ins, Atlanta

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, Feature film “VACATION” – Starring Ed Helms and Christina...

  • CastingCall_CLCasting_FOOTBALL

    “THE 5th Wave”- feature film, Casting High School Football Players, ages 16-18

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For “THE 5th Wave”- feature film (SONY PICTURES) **HIGH...

  • casting extras for The Fifth Wave

    “The Fifth Wave”, Casting Kids 9-14, Atlanta

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, Casting for “THE 5th Wave”- feature film. Casting for...

  • Tammy Smith Casting

    Feature Film, “Vacation” Casting Trucker Types, Atlanta

    Tammy Smith Casting- Atlanta, For the feature film “VACATION” TRUCKER TYPES (men ages...

  • casting extras for The Fifth Wave

    Casting Extras for the feature film “THE 5th Wave” shooting in Atlanta

    Tammy Smith Casting – Atlanta, “THE 5th Wave”- feature film ***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY-...

  • Matinella Hume Casting

    SEEKING A FEW MEN, Atlanta, 8/26 for Dance scene, men in dresses

    Marinella Hume Casting, FILMING IN ATLANTA GEORGIA AREA around TUESDAY 8/26/14 SEEKING A...