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We’re growing and young,but if you don’t see information your searching for, have tips or recommendations for your fellow colleagues in the industry write for us.

Simply email your story, (subject line: SUBMISSIONS) with attached pictures to Rico Figliolini. We don’t pay for submssions, but will include your photo, name, city and bio in the author box.

Industry bloggers are encouraged to ask us about guest posts. With you inquiry please include your full name, bio and blog link. We will only take original guest posts that have not appeared anywhere else. If you have a great post on your own blog please let us know. We may want to highlight it on our site as well. As you probably know “true guest posts are only from the blogger or blog owners themselves.” All others may be considered sponsored posts and fall under our advertising rates. Email me at here for our current rates.

If you are from a state, County or city film and entertainment commission please contact us. We’d like to include you  casting calls and information on our site.

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