MomoCon 2018 Features Studio Trigger

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If you are planning to attend the MomoCon 2018, you will be glad to know that STUDIO TRIGGER will be in attendance too! The studio founders; Masahiko Otsuka and Hiromi Wakabayashi, will be at the event. STUDIO TRIGGER is known for the fantastic Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill. They have also made other comedy shots like Space Patrol Luluco, Ninja Slayer, and Inferno Cop. Founded in 2011, the studio has continued to produce exciting anime series that always hit the market by storm.

The Heroic Hiromi Wakabayashi Before Hiromi Wakabayashi established Studio TRIGGER, he was a member of studio GAINAX and was involved in various works with Hiroyuki Imaishi. Hiromi was part of the design and production of Panty&Stocking alongside Gartbelt as a co-creator, episode director, and writer. He was also involved in Trigger’s first hit, Kill la Kill as its creative director. He wrote the script for episode 4 and directed the series’ 2nd sequence. Later on, when Trigger started working on Little Witch Academia and Inferno Cop, Hiromi did the story development. Hiromi’s contribution as the music producer and creative director of Space Patrol was vital. When you attend MomoCon, you can book to have this anime hero autograph your personal item. After all, who wouldn’t want such an icon’s signature?

Masahiko Otsuka’s Journey in Anime Production The other founder and guest at MomoCon 2018 is Masahiko Otsuka. His first job in the animation industry was at Studio Ghibli. Masahiko was the assistant director of PomPoko in 1992. Later on, he shifted to Studio GAINAX, where he participated in several well-acclaimed anime productions, such as Gurren Lagann (co-director) and Neon Genesis (episode director). Masahiko has come a long way in anime productions. If you want his signature on your memorabilia, make sure to look for him at the con.

Best Anime from Studio Trigger

rencontre asperger lyon The decision that Masahiko and Hiromi made to establish their animation firm was a great one, considering the shows they have created. Here are some of their best productions.

·         Kill la Kill

enter site The story is about a delinquent teenage girl who dukes it out with rival students. The characters wear super-power clothing. They fight everywhere, from the classrooms to outer space.

·         Little Witch Academia

The characters are young witches training at a magic school. All of them are incredibly funny, and they bring out the great talent that’s at Trigger. The human movements are vibrant and springy.

cheap dutasteride uk Other anime include Turning Girls, inferno Cop, and Sex & Violence with Machspeed.

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