Toonami to Preview New Seasons of FLCL at MomoCon!

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We’ve got a big MomoCon announcement this past week. Toonami will be hosting a panel Friday night to give us a sneak peak of the new FLCL seasons coming this June! That’s right; FLCL is coming back with not one but two new seasons.

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What is FLCL?

binäre optionen endlich mit gewinn teil 2 For those of you who don’t know what FLCL is, it’s no surprise, especially if you’re not a regular Toonami watcher. It has been more than a decade since the original season of FLCL season aired in the US.

dating sims for guys gba FLCL (you can call it Fooly Cooly) is a short, 6-episode anime about a law enforcement officer named Haruko who uses others to accomplish her missions, unlocking powers that they never knew they had. The series features space pirates, mechas, coming of age stories, and a whole lot of wild hilarity. It debuted 15 years ago in Japan. It was written by Yōji Enokido and directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki. Enokido was also a writer on Evangelion 3.0. Tsuramaki’s credits include the Neon Genesis Evangelion and Evangelion 1-3.0 series.

opcje binarne arbitraż The FLCL mini-series ended well, so we’re excited to see the new direction it will take.

We’re also excited to hear that Kari Wahlgren is coming back to voice the English version of Haruko. She did a great job before, and her performance is one of the reasons why we love Haruko’s personality so much.

The show will also feature the work of some of the original animators, so the artwork should provide a smooth transition from previous seasons. We’ll see some updates in style, but there shouldn’t be any major changes in the main character’s appearance or the overall look and feel of the world.

You can start watching FLCL: Progressive on Toonami Saturday, June 2nd at 11:30 pm ET.



We’ve got a big announcement today, the return of Toonami to MomoCon 2018!

Toonami will be on site for a big panel Friday evening of MomoCon to preview an all-new season of FLCL this June! More information and specific time coming soon!

Posted by MomoCon on Monday, March 26, 2018


What’s Happened in FLCL so Far?

If you want to catch up on Fooly Cooly before the new season’s air, stop reading. SPOILERS ahead. Besides, you can watch the original in an afternoon, and it’s well worth it. If you want the even shorter version or need a little more info to whet your appetite, here you go.

Naota Nandaba was a 12-year old boy who lived an ordinary life in an ordinary town. His mother had died, and he was living with his father and grandfather. He was worried that this was all there was to life. Then he met the beautiful bass-playing, a moped-riding alien named Haruko Haruhara. She’s a special investigator for the Fraternity, known as the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood. Her mission is to find the pirate king Atomsk. She also needs to stop Medical Mechanica, a huge corporation bent on taking over the world.

Haruko runs Naota over with her moped and hits him over the head with her bass guitar. His head then becomes a portal for the Medical Mechanica, and the two of them receive a reprogrammed mecha named Canti to help them in their battle.

Haruko does help defend earth against Medical Mechanica, but Atomsk escapes. She bids goodbye to Naota with a kiss and rides off after her nemesis.

What We Know about the New Seasons of FLCL

It’s been years since Haruko and Naota defeated Medical Mechanica on earth. The war between the Medical Mechanica and the Fraternity has continued elsewhere.

Hidomi is a 14-year old student who gets a new teacher named Haruko. She’s here to unlock Hidomi’s potential, as well as that of a few others, including otherworldly beings Jinyu and Haruha Raharu. She’ll need them to help defend earth when the Medical Mechanica attack. We’ll also see pirate king Atomsk again. That’s Fooly Cooly: Progressive.

In Fooly Cooly: Alternative, Kana, a 17-year old high school student, and her best friends are recruited by Haruko to help her fight Atomsk.

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