Robotech Coming to MomoCon 2018!



Harmony Gold will be at MomoCon, Saturday, May 26th. They will be showing us all of the spiffy models, jerseys, and comics they are producing for the Robotech live action reboot. The panel will be called Robotech: A Look to the Future.

They’ll also be hosting a robot fight panel. Sixteen robots will square off against one another. Vote for which one will win! It brings back the old game of what if this robot fought this one? Who would win in a fight, Optimus Prime or Voltron? Robocop or the T-1000? It’s called Giant Robot Rumble, and you won’t want to miss it.

What We Know about the Robotech Live Action Film

Speaking of robots and Robotech, here’s everything that we know about the upcoming movie so far. It is being produced by Sony Pictures and the team behind 300. The director is Andrés Muschietti (his sister is one of the producers), most recently known for the new It movie. It is being written by Jason Fuchs, crafter of the Wonder Woman script. Those name drops alone give us high hopes that Robotech will be a film worth seeing. Still, can they do justice to the classic anime?

A Brief Overview of the Robotech Anime


The original series was 85 episodes, and while the art is outdated, this 1985 anime is still worth a watch, especially if you’re into mecha. It tells the story of how humanity fought off an alien invasion using giant robots. The series was initially adapted for American television by Harmony Gold, and they’ve retained their rights to the franchise ever since.

The Japanese source material is actually three unrelated series that Harmony Gold combined into one three-generation series. In the first generation, an alien craft crashes on earth. They recover technology from the ship and defeat the Zentraedi, a race of giant aliens who come looking for the ship. In the next generation, the Robotech Masters arrive in earth’s orbit and the two sides battle for control of the alien power source. It ends with the earth covered in energy spores. Finally, a new alien race called the Invid track the energy source to earth and conquer it. It is liberated by humans who left earth after the first war.

The Future of Robotech

There were a number of canceled projects and a few that are now relegated to the realm of non-continuity. If you watch the series or want an alternate version, you can read the comic book adaptations and continuations, most notably published by Wildstorm, Dynamite, and now Titan Comics.

Like all good space sagas, Robotech is a story that deserves to be told to a new generation, and it has a special place in the heart of anime fans as it was one of the first to be shown in America. If you enjoy mechas, aliens, or survival stories, give the original Robotech a try and brush up on its history in time for Harmony Gold’s MomoCon panels. We’re looking forward to seeing what they bring and maybe getting a new scoop on the forthcoming movie release.


Get your MomoCon tickets now (remember, Saturday is Harmony Gold’s panels) and check back here for more MomoCon news!   on who’s going to be there and all the notable announcements.

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