MomoCon YouTubers: The Anime Man, Misty/Chronexia, The Anime Man, Gaijin Goombah, AkiDearest

conocer gente nueva cadiz MomoCon is almost here! Coming up May 24th-27th in Atlanta, Georgia. Register now for this four-day event featuring anime, comics, video games, and tabletop RPGs. Feed your need for new content and merchandise while you enjoy the scene with other cosplayers. If you’re an aspiring writer or artist, you won’t want to miss hearing from and speaking with industry professionals. Today, we’re happy to announce popular YouTube personalities who will be joining the featured Guest List. As you can guess from the monikers, they’re all extremely into anime and manga, maybe even more than you are.

mujer busca hombre en los angeles bio bio chile AkiDearest is a popular YouTuber for creating funny videos. While a fan of all things anime, she also knows how to poke fun of the genre’s tropes lovingly. Her recent uploads include, “How Anime Characters Confess Their Love” and “What to do With a Death Note.” If you’re interested in creating your own spoof or comedic YouTube channel based on your favorite animation style, meet AkiDearest in person and hear how she brainstorms for her videos. The Anime Man (Joey) is a witty YouTube personality who both entertains and informs his viewers. From Q and A videos about anime and himself to travelogues in Japan to manga and anime reviews, all of his content is funny and educational. Meet him this May at MomoCon. If you can’t find him, we’re sure he’ll be somewhere close to AkiDearest.

Misty/Chronexia features videos that are less silly in scope but definitely more informative. With Top Tens, comparisons, and Guess the Anime gameshow, Misty helps you find more of the type of anime you’ll love. If you want to create informative, fun videos on the topic, check out his channel and chat with him at the con.

Finally, Gaijin Goombah is the most professional and widest in scope YouTube personality coming to the con. He crafts videos featuring the cultural significance of anime, video games, and movies. Do you want to know if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are using real ninja moves? Ask Gaijin Goombah. Do you want to know why the live-action Death Note cast a white guy as the lead? Ask Gaijin Goombah. Watch a few of his videos and see how bringing an education to the genre helps you appreciate your favorite content even more.

From hilarious to educational, MomoCon will feature a range of YouTube personalities as well as artists, writers, and performers. Follow the news here, and don’t forget to get your tickets!


Photo Caption: The Anime Man (Joey), Misty Chronexia, AkiDearest, GaijinGoombah

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