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AUDITION for 1 MALE and 3 FEMALE roles in our upcoming film “Gone Dingo”. All roles will be in their early to mid 30′s. The male role and one female role are lead roles. Audition will be Tuesday August 12 from 12PM-3PM. This film script will require intense situations and dialogue, and we need experienced actors who can deliver emotions as well as subtle comedic timing. If interested, please send an e-mail to and we will answer any other questions you may have.  Please include your headshot and resume if you can. Thank you!!

The Comedy Zone
900 NC Music Factory Blvd
12pm – 3pm

Brief Feature Character Breakdown

TERESA (lead) – A woman seeking out help in the recovery from a recent trauma.  She receives therapy with an ex-high school classmate she hasn’t seen in years.  She is clueless in her means to heal herself.

DR. GILL (lead) – An former classmate of Teresa’s who was always quite fond of her.  A psychologist that cares deeply for his extremely limited number of patients.  He wants to help her in her journey to find the means to heal.  Compassionate, sympathetic.

NURSE (supporting) – A ER triage nurse.  Practical, and empathetic.

BETTY (supporting) – Teresa’s neighbor. Fun, and talkative.

Lance, Andy, and Kelsey

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