Casting Calls

CASTING CALL for “Moment of Awakening” Raleigh, NC


CASTING CALL for Moment of Awakening

Auditions to be held in Raleigh, on July 26th by appointment only. Email headshots and resumes with desired role in subject line.

Production is slated to be shot August 6-10th, 2014.  This project is a short film planned for a 2014 festival run.  This particular short is a part of my film school curriculum there for all crew and cast involved will be working voluntarily.  Compensation will be awarded in the form of a copy and credit.  Through this project gain of experience, hopes of attracting exposure and an opportunity to network with local filmmakers is the overall objective.

LOGLINE: Pete, a high school student, discovers that his graduation, is dependent on his most hated instructor, Coach Haywood.
The following are all speaking roles, but we are in need of NON-SPEAKING EXTRAS as well, so anyone who is interested in being a part of this project is encouraged to apply.

PETE- (Lead) MALE, Teens, 17-20, anyone who can pass as a high school senior. Has a strong passion for basketball, his school’s team. Pete is very kind-hearted, selfless, and passive.

COACH HAYWOOD-(Co-Lead), Early 30’s. Aggressive, explosive, and very disrespectful. Will do whatever it takes to win at all costs.

PRINCIPAL BROWN – (Featured) MALE, 40-50, (Featured) MALE, Late 20’s to Early 30’s. Calm, educated, basically a typical Principal.


Dimitri Hale

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